Video installation 4 channels, 16:9 and 16:10, color, sound. Loop of 17 min 20 sec.

The scientists talk about our body as a world in itself. I like that. I like to think that everyone that walks on the earth is also a world. In this work, my body is a world to be discovered by 53 snails. Four of them are transformed; they are hybrid as they carry a little camera on their house, which films the experience and allows the spectator to see the context in which the event took place: a photo studio. The snails can be defined with mixed terms: inoffensive, naïve, disgusting, lo- vely, and so on. One snail is always inoffensive but what about 53? The relation between an individual and a collective interest me. There is a complexity and a tension in finding a way to live together. I spent one month with the snails in my studio and one part of the project was to meet the snails in a very intimate way. At times it approaches an erotic encounter, as I give away my defenses and offer myself for a given time. At other time it becomes nearly invasive, as I am one and they are many, they occupies my body. They invade this given

land. How do we live together? How do the snails encounter this new ground, this new organism?
It was important that the machine was in a way perceptible in the film. The machines have transformed our perception. They are our companions, new living forms that are living among us and within us. Four snails are with camera, hybrids; little cyborgs. These four snails are the witnesses, they will tell. Throughout the camera, they will tell. The red light flashes. They will tell us but will we be able to read it?

Art direction, production, video montage: Christelle Becholey Besson Camera: Nici Jost, Christelle Becholey Besson, the snails
Casting: Christelle Becholey Besson, 53 snails
Assistant for the shooting: Maeva Rosset
Sound: Made for this project from Smoking Sound Intl.

Christelle becholey besson 2018